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Topic Title: Random capitalisation issue DNS15.3
Topic Summary: Random words (not pronouns) are being capitalised mid sentence
Created On: 06/04/2020 01:53 AM
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 06/04/2020 01:53 AM
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I purchased DNS 15.3 yesterday and am having a lot of trouble with random word capitalisation. My setup is a crappy 2012 laptop with 4GB RAM, 2.4GHz which meets minimum requirements but is slow.

The training I've done was dictating and using the correction commands, but what I suspect could be an issue is I uploaded a lot of long documents, many containing poetry (which can have weird syntax) using the train via specific elements tool. 

Here is a sample of my dictation on my main profile:

the Hill the Valley the River

the valley

I walked up the hill through the river down the mountain

I walk down the Hill the Hill was steep Hill was steep

a couldn’t see the Hill in the distance

I couldn’t see the Hill or if the Hill was steep

Poseidon has a huge Trident 


As you can see, it doesn't like a plain old hill. I threw trident in as that had been a problem too. I rang the helpdesk and after 20 minutes I spoke to a Dragon rep who advised the following steps:

1. create new user profile and test with that

result: it was better, but 'hill' still became 'Hill'. Valley was fixed.

2. try Dragonpad


Hill Valley River Gully Mountain why aeroplane mountain

I walked down the hill into the valley along the river between the mountains

Hill, valley, river, gully, mountain


a steep hill, valley, river, gully, mountain


It really hates single, unlinked words, which I did not pause between. But a string of words surely shouldn't trigger these capitalisations?


3. new word doc

result: no difference to the original word doc


So I'd thought it was the poetry uploads, but that doesn't explain why the new profile STILL capitalises 'hill'. Or what else it might capitalise. Is there now (I see from other posts there was not) a way to turn off auto caps, or to turn it off APART from the very useful start of line / paragraph functions?

The Dragon rep said it was unlikely my slow laptop - that would just make Dragon run slow, but shouldn't affect accuracy - is this correct?

I know this software takes time and training to get running well but it's a pretty frustrating start out of the box when it's a lot of money for me to spend.


Thankyou very much for any help you can give me  


 06/04/2020 03:48 AM
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R. Wilke
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The Nuance rep you spoke to was right on target, just mentioning this before someone else comes along stating that they don't even know the product.

Dragon definitely has a hard time with single word recognition, it will always be hit or miss if you don't provide enough context to minimally sort out and deal with ambibuity. You can think of it as when speaking to a person, and just saying the word "hill", without any context at all. How is this person supposed to know whether you mean "hill" or "Hill", although "hill" on its own may have a slightly higher probability by default, but we don't know and can only guess.

Anyway, you shouldn't feed poetry during adaption if you are planning on using the profile for conversational email. Which, again making a point of it, and the people around should know why, it goes to show that adapting takes an effect.


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 06/04/2020 11:31 AM
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Lunis Orcutt
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Just adding a smidgen to Rüdiger's astute advice.

Dragon is not designed for poetry because Nuance had to choose the most popular direction. Most of the world's dictation needs are straight business and personal so standard dictation rules do not apply to peotry.   

Even though you definitely could use a new computer, your current computer has nothing to do with any of these issues. Dragon support really was spot on. 

You can optionally remove the capitalized version of the word “Hill” from your vocabulary but it might be better to say no-caps <hill>; whichever works best.  


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 06/04/2020 11:47 PM
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Great, thanks very much for your replies R.W and Lunis. It seems I'll have to start training again and I won't upload any poetry. I will also try and filter the uploaded documents better for unusual pronouns, I uploaded a novel I wrote which uses a lot of foreign names so I don't think they'd be helping.
I am using Dragon to write books so long form prose, less of the poetry.
Glad to hear Dragon support nailed it. I did think of deleting 'Hill', and if it persists as an issue for a handful of words I'll do that, as it should capitalise hill by default if it's the first word of a new sentence. I'll test if it does that with Hill deleted. If not it's still probably 20x rarer for me to use Hill than hill so better to caps than the reverse.

Thankyou! I'm sure I'll have more questions as I get into the swing of things. I plan to upgrade my laptop anyway as the lag is not helpful even if it doesn't affect accuracy, and makes corrections much slower (select X, wait 2 seconds, say the command, way 2 seconds, all adds up).

 06/05/2020 10:18 AM
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Honestly, 2 seconds isn't the worst speed I've seen, particularly on my 5-year-old Alienware laptop. I'm not sure you'll get much better on a new system. Good luck though!


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