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New Messages Import DNS12 stuff in to DPI15 NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 3 26 kpke 03/16/2018 11:59 PM
by Alan Cantor
New Messages problems sorting messages by "last post"
 on my system, does not properly sort order
Website Comments 2 66 joefk 03/16/2018 10:25 PM
by joefk
New Messages problems with Vocola commands in latest Skype
 can't get them to work
Third-Party Command Utilities - Voc... 2 70 joefk 03/16/2018 10:22 PM
by joefk
New Messages Edit Voice/Global Commands Not Working
 VCL's won't open by Voice
Third-Party Command Utilities - Voc... 5 55 G.J. Premo 03/16/2018 10:00 PM
by G.J. Premo
New Messages Entering data in chrome
 Data not accepted
NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 3 84 debdrex 03/16/2018 09:14 PM
by debdrex
New Messages Which microphone is best for an open office with a lot of background conversation?
 microphone that filters background speech
Microphones and Sound Cards 1 19 meuson 03/16/2018 08:28 PM
by Lunis Orcutt
New Messages Is 4GB of RAM enough for Dragon?
 Dragon runs slow, occasionally freezes
NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 4 45 Ethan Levine 03/16/2018 08:24 PM
by Lunis Orcutt
New Messages In my 2nd paragraph; my 3rd paragraph; in the 3rd sentence; 3rd party; I haven't a 2nd to wait ... NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 3 57 sterlingtimes 03/16/2018 07:28 PM
by R. Wilke
New Messages KnowBrainer - thank you for your microphone recommendations!
 Wireless microphone for Dragon
NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 0 22 Steve56 03/16/2018 04:36 PM
by Steve56
New Messages Clicking and moving between folders within Windows Explorer
 Looking to create more Hands-Free way of working within Windows Explorer
NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 8 291 brooklyn cabin 03/16/2018 04:16 PM
by Lunis Orcutt
New Messages Proper technique for training pronunciation
 am I doing this right?
NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 11 274 sds99 03/16/2018 08:12 AM
by lifeisgood
New Messages Text editor with full command and control? NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 8 270 wheels496 03/16/2018 05:27 AM
by Daisy53RLL
New Messages Error running "Configure NatLink via GUI" Third-Party Command Utilities - Voc... 9 1142 Michael_1106 03/16/2018 03:38 AM
by quintijn
New Messages Dragon will frequently and spontaneously hear the word "six" or "10" NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 6 769 Future_Ethics 03/15/2018 04:45 PM
by Jole
New Messages Dragon bar windows on taskbar won't stop appearing NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 1 80 Ethan Levine 03/15/2018 02:38 PM
by Lunis Orcutt
New Messages New Tablemike? Microphones and Sound Cards 2 88 EthanW 03/15/2018 02:06 PM
by EthanW
New Messages DNS individual Professional/Premier vs DMPE for medical dictating
 I seem to get accurate medical dictations withmy personal DNS Premier or Prof
Dragon Medical Practice Edition and... 8 479 Leander 03/15/2018 01:35 PM
by Lunis Orcutt
New Messages Google Chrome update NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 3 234 sterlingtimes 03/15/2018 10:33 AM
by dilligence

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