Not giving up on Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Not giving up on Dragon NaturallySpeaking

On December 28, 1996, while skiing on a mountain in Western
 Maryland, I suffered a hemorrhagic brain stem stroke. I spent six and a half
 weeks in hospitals followed by eight years of accomplishing nothing. Brain
 damage left me with mental deficits and took away nearly all of my skill
 sets. My body escaped unharmed, only affected by misguided signals coming
 from my brain. However, I am left with Cerebellar ataxia, which causes the
 left side of my body to be clumsy. Even my eyeball is adversely affected.

 In 2004, as a form of therapy, I wanted to write a Journal. However,
 I could do longer write with my hand; and lacked the hand eye coordination
 necessary for typing. I purchased a product called Dragon NaturallySpeaking
 that would allow me to speak into the computer. My first challenge was
 created by my brain that would twist words before they reached my mouth.
 After years of practice, I still have problems with missing syllables, but
 major words sometimes come slow, but they come.

 Nuance makes the best voice recognition product on the market.
 Earlier versions were tricky and vulnerable to computer issues. Customer
 support was short of excellent. They tried, but were not always able to solve
 my problems. When version 12 rolled out most of my technical problems
 disappeared. But, I would never have made it to version 12 without the
 support of

 While googling support forums for voice recognition, I happened
 across a post on a website called What I found there
 boggled my mind. It was a forum where thousands of voice recognition
 users traded information. I found a resource destined to take my voice
 recognition to a whole new level.

 Often, forum users find their questions answered by Lunis Orcutt,
 who owns the company. He focuses much of his time helping users navigate
 through a maze of technical issues. His goal is to provide speech recognition
 users with the information necessary to put together the optimum
 supporting PC environment.

 Knowbrainer successfully provides the information needed to unlock
 the full potential of NaturallySpeaking products. They test and compare
 compatible products and post reports on their website. They have become
 the number one source of voice-recognition information in the world. The
 forum and all their information is offered free of charge.

 Knowbrainer, also hosts an online store, where you can find many
 competitively priced products that have passed exhaustive tests. The
 company also developed its own command software allowing handicapped
 users to manage their computer by voice.

 With the help of, I became a published author
 in 2012. In April 2014, Glimpse of Sunlight, the first novel in the trilogy,
 Jonathan Dickinson Odyssey (an historical thriller based on a true story), will
 be published.

 GE Gardiner| Novelist


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